What is Shadowing?

Shadowing is the direct, real-time observation of patients/ families, customers, or products as they move through an experience in any virtually any setting (doctor’s office, retail store, airport, food delivery system, pharmacy etc.). Shadowing is the process by which we capture and document objective and subjective details of the way patients and families, customers or products move through and view their experiences.


GoShadow will change the way you do business.

Improve Outcomes, Experiences & Care while going about your daily routine.


Step 1

Determine Areas of Improvement

Once you’ve signed up for your account, the first step is to select a specific shadowing experience for improvement, clearly defining where that experience begins and ends. From there, you can identify shadowers, coordinate with your team, and learn more about what to look for when shadowing.

In our illustrated example above, a guest satisfaction survey was completed by a Hotel guest stating that they were unhappy with their room service. As a result, the Room Service Delivery process will use goShadow to discover possible improvements.

Step 2-iphone.png

Step 2

Use the App to Observe and Record

On the day of the shadowing, meet with your team and discuss the area of improvement to be shadowed. While your team goes about their daily business, use the goShadow app to efficiently note and categorize your observations, and to track specific data points like Task Initiation, Touchpoints, efficiency and consumables.

To begin our evaluation, we will set our goal: determine problem areas and time saving techniques in our Hotel Room Service Delivery process through shadowing.


Step 3

Report Your Findings

Once you finish shadowing your experience, synchronize your shadowing notes using the goShadow platform. After syncing, you will be able to edit and organize your notes. Then, collaborate with your team using goShadow’s Report Creator to build a narrative of the shadowing experience. You can generate a PDF of your final report as a standalone document, or as part of a larger presentation.

goShadow has helped us determine that improving Room Service Delivery will require a dedicated elevator and improved order taking; a portable food warmer is also recommended.


Step 4

Re-Shadow the Experience

Shadowing is built on a philosophy of continuous improvement. After shadowing an experience and implementing your improvements, make sure the revisit that experience to see your efforts in action—and identify what to improve next!

After the improvements have been implemented, a quarterly follow-up and re-shadow will be completed to determine Room Service efficiency and effectiveness.


Anthony M. DiGioia, MD, Founder of goShadow, LLC, & the PFCC Methodology and Practice

“goShadow is a simple three-step approach for engaging patients and families as full partners in re-designing care delivery, helping organizations take it from the ‘what is’ to the ‘what it can be."