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From patient experience to process improvement, goShadow has assisted organizations in implementing and enhancing delivery of products and services worldwide.


Streamline processes and operational coordination, anticipate and implement organizational initiatives.

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Map User
Experience & Flow

Combine qualitative and quantitative impressions to create a complete blueprint of user experience workflow.

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Enhance Staff Experience
& Joy at Work

Engage staff in the co-design of better experiences. Give employees a voice. Cultivate joy at work.

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Understand &
Manage Costs

Identify the true cost of any experience. Allocate funds efficiently and eliminate unnecessary spending.

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Identify Areas for Improvement

Identify opportunity for improving outcomes and decreasing cost. Improve patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes.

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Leverage Smart

Quickly aggregate shadowing data to accelerate and scale improvement efforts with a robust reporting suite.

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Product Design & Implementation

Build products clients will actually use. Overcome implementation roadblocks with customized solutions.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Shadow to completely understand any process from the inside out. Use the goShadow app to identify roadblocks to efficient, safe and value-driven care through the real-time collection of data, along with patient and staff interviews.

Create a blueprint of the inner workings of any experience and reduce redundancies in processes, identify waste and anticipate changes in organizational initiatives. Seamlessly track patient and staff experience, understand flow, identify gaps in care and enhance experiences based on real-life observations. Improve patient-reported outcomes, experiences and increase satisfaction.

Map User Experience & Flow

Use the goShadow app to quickly understand patient experiences and staff workflow. Follow staff, patients, and families as they move through any experience. From the waiting room to the operating room, goShadow can document and aggregate insights, timers and notes in real-time. Unite teams around a data-driven, 360° view of the process from beginning to end.

Improve Staff Experience & Enhance Joy at Work

Positive experiences for staff and joy in their work are essential to reduce the cost of employee turnover and increase patient satisfaction. Give staff the tools to improve their workplace processes and procedures and co-design better experiences for patients and colleagues. Remove communication barriers and understand any experience and workflow from the staff perspective to address the barriers to an engaged and efficient workforce.

Doctor - 12K
Admin - 8K
Nurse - 4K
Technician - 2K
Other - ????

Total Cost - 26k

Understand & Manage Costs

Use shadowing to identify and understand the true cost of any experience. By tracking time and activities, shadowing can seamlessly integrate with any costing tool or method, including TDABC (Time Driven Activity Based Costing) and Lean Accounting.

Drill down to the real costs of care, and to provide the most value-driven care benefit to patients. Balance the return on investment of low tech workflow innovation and new high-tech tools with what patients and staff truly value. on organizational budget while managing associated costs.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Quickly and easily categorize information to identify the low-cost, high-impact projects that can impact your organization. Do more with less by accessing specific reports that highlight areas for opportunity and improvement.

Collect real-time data to enhance any quality or process improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma or the Model for Improvement. Use goShadow to identify opportunities to improve outcomes while decreasing cost.

Leverage Smart Data with One Touch Reporting

Seamlessly sync data from the goShadow app to a robust reporting suite. Easily organize information by experience or segment to pull and export reports with one click. Make the most of your time, plan and accelerate next steps by downloading and sharing reports electronically with your team.

Product Design & Implementation

Set your software apart

Set your software apart with human-centered, smart design and insider knowledge of what products and solutions doctors and patients actually need. Gain a thorough understanding of use cases, operational workflow and utility using the goShadow app and platform.

Anticipate the needs and desires of end users to gain market edge. Align design teams around the development of the right features at the right time to meet the needs of prospective clients and buyers. Don’t let the digital health wave pass you by! Stay on top of trends with insights and suggestions from end users.

Understand the barriers to product implementation

Understand the barriers to product implementation and new process adoption in any organization. Streamline onboarding and training by creating a blueprint that fits each client’s unique needs. Use goShadow to dive into the reasons products succeed and fail in any scenario and tailor your implementation strategy to scale across organizations or systems.

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