Dr. Tony DiGioia


As a founder of goShadow, it should be of no surprise that Dr. Tony DiGioia has dedicated his professional career to the improvement of the patient experience. Dr. Tony DiGioia, or Dr. D, was born and raised in the East End of Pittsburgh.  He is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon and medical director of both the Bone and Joint Center and Innovation Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Tony graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Civil Engineering and pursued a graduate degree in Civil and Biomedical Engineering at his alma mater. Beginning in 1982, he attended Harvard Medical School, completed his orthopaedic surgery residency in Pittsburgh and an Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Through forging collaborative technologies that span engineering and medicine, Dr. D became a world leader in the initial development of medical robotics and computer-assisted surgery. In the 1990’s, he performed the first ever robot navigated total hip replacement.  His work has always focused on bringing diverse multi-disciplinary teams together to co-design care to meet the needs of patients and families. This broad focus led Dr. D to develop the Patient Centered Value System (PCVS), which combines process and performance improvement with supportive technologies to improve clinical outcomes and patient and family care experiences while reducing costs. The creation of goShadow made the implementation of this system possible, by creating a means to aggregate this imperative data in real-time. This approach is a simple, replicable, and transformational system for viewing all care through the eyes of patients and families, for building implementation teams to improve processes, and for determining the true cost to deliver care in any setting.


Angela DeVanney


Angela DeVanney is a founding member of goShadow.She first developed her process improvement skills in 2006 as a project manager at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Mass., where she provided training, consultation and technical knowledge to hospitals and organizations throughout the world. Through her extensive work with front-line staff and hospital administrators, Angela identified the need for a tool to collect, aggregate and analyze grass-roots-level data real-time for process and experience mapping and improvement.  Upon moving back to her hometown, Pittsburgh, in 2012, Angela became the Operations Director of the Bone and Joint Center (BJC) at UPMC-Magee Hospital, which is the second largest orthopedic center in Western Pennsylvania.  There, Angela worked with Tony DiGioia, MD to prototype goShadow to document patient and staff experiences and to determine the true cost of a 90-day total joint replacement care bundle.  goShadow is now used worldwide as an end-user engagement, experiential redesign, process mapping, and improvement tool. Angela is faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and uses goShadow to document and scale hard data and insights around ideal clinical pathways and approaches that place the patient and other end-users are the center of process improvement, design, and action-oriented data collection.

Angela has been a team leader for Operation Walk Pittsburgh since 2008, leading the team from around the United States to Cuba, Panama, Honduras, and Guatemala to help hundreds of patients who do not have the means or access to receive specialty care to receive joint replacements at no cost.  Her proudest accomplishment to date is the four-year-old daughter that she and her husband Mike share.  As a mom, empowering her daughter and other women with whom she works, serves as a daily mission. Whether educating clinicians about the power of shadowing and seeing care through all stakeholders’ eyes, or coordinating a team of nearly 100 people to provide surgical care to over 50 patients in just a few days, helping organizations to humanize and accelerate their process improvement journey is what Angela aims to do.  Envisioning, enacting, and scaling ideal experiences for all stakeholders through data-driven analysis is what continues to drive Angela and her team at goShadow.  



We're Hiring!

Program and Product Assistant


goShadow is a suite of tools to collect, analyze, and aggregate an organization’s process and experience-level data real-time. By possessing real-time data, teams come together to truly co-design more ideal experiences that deliver clinical outcomes and operational value for all stakeholders.

Program and Product Assistant Graduate Internship 

The Program and Product Assistant will work closely with the Project Manager to:

  • Provide programmatic and project support for: goShadow data collection (shadowing), data aggregation and analytics, report development, “What Matters” product database, and other opportunities with clients as they arise.
  • Input, aggregation, and organization of collected qualitative and quantitative data collected for client projects. 
  • Participate in weekly product development meetings pertaining to progress of reporting platforms, goShadow and “What Matter” product development, as well as monthly program meetings. 
  • Support the AMD3 Foundation, Operation Walk Pittsburgh, UPMC Innovation Center (IC) and UPMC Bone and Joint Center (BJC) as needed.

Specific Internship Outcomes

Upon completion of this internship, the Program and Product Assistant will:

  • Acquire and practice experience and skills in maintaining and developing an extensive quantitative and qualitative database. Utilize data visualization skills and product development with program and client team.
  • Gain understanding of process improvement strategies, measurement strategies, and program management with external clients.
  • Acquire familiarity working with a healthcare IT start-up to develop the program and product. 

Required & Desired Skills

The ideal candidate will have at least one year of healthcare experience or one year of healthcare coursework at the graduate level. They will be in good academic standing and be available for the entirety of the internship period of April 2020- August 2020. They will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong organizational skills and experience using Google and Microsoft suite products, specifically Excel and spreadsheet functionality. They will be able to multitask in a fast-paced, team environment under direct supervision but also thrive as a self-starter.

Compensation, Schedule & Structure

The Program and Product Assistant will be financially compensated $16-$25 per hour based on previous experience. Schedule is full- time during summer months with option to extend part time during the school year if mutually agreeable. The Program and Product Assistant will report directly to the Project Manager for all internship efforts. They may report to the CEO as needed. At the close of the internship, a formal performance evaluation will be conducted.

Application Instructions

Qualified applicants will submit a 1-2 page resume, including 3 references, and a 1 page cover letter to goShadow by emailing jobs@goshadow.org no later than March 1, 2020, with the subject line Program Assistant Application. For more information about goShadow, please visit www.goshadow.org.

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