Map User
Experience & Flow

Identify people, places and tasks.

Use multiple, concurrently running timers and flag notes to capture complicated processes.

Combine qualitative and quantitative impressions to create a complete blueprint of user experience and flow.

Improve User Experience & Flow


Streamline and Coordinate Processes and Operations to Anticipate, Identify and Solve Pain Points.

Reduce Office Practice and Surgical Delays

Understand & Manage Costs

Shadowing is the low-cost, high-impact way to identify the true cost of any experience or process. Assign dollar values to people, places and tasks to allocate funds efficiently and eliminate unnecessary spending.

Determine True Cost

Identify Areas for Improvement

Tag and categorize timers and notes to highlight areas for improvement. Export flagged and categorized items to build teams and best practice roadmaps.

Build Best-Practice Roadmaps

Leverage Smart Data with One Touch Reporting

Quickly aggregate shadowing data to accelerate and scale improvement efforts. Eliminate silos and build coordinated teams by sharing findings, data and comprehensive reports.

Accelerate and Scale Improvement Efforts

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