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During these ever-changing times, invest in tools that reveal the pulse of patients and care teams. Co-create processes and innovative pathways that yield workforce wellbeing and patient satisfaction. Try our shadowing and real-time surveying tools and solutions for free.

Don't Ignore the Impact of HCAHPS & Satisfaction Scores.

goShadow expertise in process mapping and opportunity discovery delivers real-time solutions that dramatically improve satisfaction scores and increase revenue.

Address the $10 Billion Dollar Burnout Problem

goShadow combines a deep knowledge in organizational effectiveness with process improvement technology to reduce costly turnover and critical care interruptions.

More Hospitals = More Competition

Through a proprietary suite of tools and expert analysis, goShadow uncovers opportunities to provide exceptional experiences and the most innovative improvements, giving your organization a competitive advantage.

Improve Hospital and Staff Experience Scores

Dramatically improve performance scores through non-invasive surveying and process improvement techniques. Our suite of tools is designed to anticipate and address barriers months before standard reporting. Rapid activation of strategies leads to immediate and long term improvements to performance scores.

Improve User Experience

Reduce Physician and Staff Burnout and Turnover

Understand and address care team stressors and environmental roadblocks to an efficient and engaged staff. Include care team and staff in meaningful improvements to energize your workforce.

Activate Staff Feedback to Reduce Turnover

Enhance Quality Outcomes and Improvement Activities

Use activated feedback channels to fuel quality improvement initiatives and put patient centered improvements at the forefront of your organization. Co-create ideal experiences alongside the people who matter most, patients and staff.

Enhance Improvement Efforts

Our suite of tools is designed to anticipate and address barriers months before standard reporting

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