goShadow Custom Offerings

goShadow’s proprietary tools and services are designed to understand and listen to all stakeholders, drive partnership in decision making, provide value in care delivery, and discover outside factors that impact daily experiences, safety, and outcomes.

What We Do

Create Person Centered Processes

The goShadow team specializes in developing and enhancing new and existing processes to understand all stakeholders.

Improve Capacity

The goShadow team works alongside organizations to build capacity, streamline inefficiencies, and identify successes and pain points.


The goShadow team works closely with employee's to understand the source of their burnout and their experiences to increase job satisfaction.

How we Get Results

Person-Centered Co-Design Training and Capacity Building

Experience-based co-design is a methodology that enables teams to merge process with experience and clinical methods to co-create human-centered products, experiences, and solutions with patients, families, and care teams at the center.
1:1 Coaching and Support

Employee coaching to build skills that will facilitate meaningful connections with patients, their team, and colleagues. Assists staff in discovering ways to improve patient experiences real-time and to collaboratively elevate their ideas for how to do so. 
Relationship-building Surveying and Data Analysis

A detailed analysis of short term and long term data with efficient turn around. Includes scaled question analysis, tick question analysis, aggregate analysis of open-ended questions, aggregate word cloud, and next steps culminated in customizable reports.
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Tools to Get Results

"What Matters to You"

Instead of asking "What's the matter?" ask "What matters?"
Engage patients and staff in a new conversation about healthcare and discover What Matters.
Co-Design Champion Course

12-week program trains participants in clinically proven co-design methodologies and tools. Attendees will leave with the ability to improve and hardwire a culture that supports and measures person-centered care practices and workforce wellbeing.
Shadowing and Train the Trainer

Train and build capacity through custom data collection, the development of templates, "How to" protocols, and reporting dashboard.

Sentiment Analysis + Natural Language Processing

Sentiment analysis is the contextual mining of text that interprets the emotions (positive, negative, and neutral) found within textual data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are a type of artificial intelligence that can read, interpret, and understand the human language.

Client Customization

All products and offerings are completely customizable to best meet the needs of your organization, teams, and patients.

Key insights pulled from collected data to highlight patient and employee responses in their own words.
Data is categorized by domain and theme. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used to efficiently analyze data and categorize it by sentiment as positive or negative.

Custom word list can be built and added to for your organization.
Likert scale analysis can be customized to your organizations needs. Data collected can be benchmarked across your organization as well as the goShadow database.

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