goShadow Products and Custom Offerings

goShadow services are designed to meet the strategic goals of any organization. Our programs consist of modular offerings, including Train the Trainer coaching, program jumpStart shadowing services, on site benchmarking, remote support, and customized data-collection templates.  From multi-year long collaboratives to one-day rapid shadowing events, goShadow supports and scales with your team. goShadow will tailor a shadowing, data collection, process improvement, and implementation strategy that is unique to your organization and objectives.

Shadowing & Analysis Tools

goshadow app & web reporting platform

Our proprietary app and data collection tool allow anyone to gain a real-time, 360° view of an experience or process. Users can easily build teams and report findings through automatic process maps, time studies, opportunity and accolade reports. App guide and email support included.

Shadowing Made Simple

jumpstart services

goShadow will come on-site to discover, shadow, and blueprint the current state of an experience. The team will deliver custom process maps, time studies and analysis of opportunities for improvement and scale. Together with the team, goShadow will build a custom data collection template to ensure data purity and make action-oriented recommendations. Build a comprehensive roadmap that integrates shadowing microdata with organizational goals to allow for benchmarking and rapid innovation.  Integrate a jumpStart program to scale best practices and do a deep dive into data that gives a voice to all stakeholders and drives value, satisfaction and engagement.

We'll Train your Team

train the trainer services

Develop an internal shadowing and improvement engine. Expand capacity to engage staff, bring joy to work and design a scalable data collection and reporting platform. Learn shadowing techniques, adopt custom tips and tricks and regularly tap into expansive content-driven knowledge via regular goShadow coaching calls and benchmarking reports. Easily integrate goShadow with any internal improvement methodology to enhance standardized data collection, accelerate results and bring a culture change. Give staff the power to enhance experiences and build quality improvement teams from the ground up.

Set Your Product Apart

Product Design/Implementation

Use goShadow to gain on-the-ground insights into any pathway. Identify and design user-centric products by shadowing to understand client needs in real time. Gain powerful insights from all stakeholders to improve product design and streamline product and process implementation to avoid barriers that can influence success. Through benchmarking ideal practices and processes, deliver value, accelerate adoption and realize maximal success.

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