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goShadow’s proprietary suite of tools and top-tier services are designed to meet the strategic goals of any organization. From multi-year collaboratives to one-day rapid results shadowing events, goShadow supports and scales with your team. We will tailor a shadowing, data collection, process improvement, and implementation strategy that is unique to your organization and objectives.

Asking What Matters and Innovative Survey Techniques

What Matters surveying gets to the heart of what matters to your people and your patients. More meaningful experiences mean better outcomes and better ratings. Uncover potential roadblocks to patient satisfaction and high performance scores, allowing your organization to course-correct before National surveying occurs. Use What Matters survey indicators to capitalize on brand market share and reimbursement dollars.

Survey projects for as little as $500/mo

Analysis and Action

Asking What Matters is only half the battle, put your data to work. Go beyond simple collection with expert analysis and aggregation to uncover opportunities for immediate score improvement, reduced burnout and turnover rates.

Enhance survey capabilities

Shadowing and Process Mapping

Expert shadowing data collection combined with custom reports give any organization a dashboard to tailor efforts addressing patient and staff concerns quickly and efficiently. Allocate resources effectively and plan improvement projects with an eye towards maximum impact in minimal time.

Shadowing projects starting at $1500

Train the Trainer

Expand capacity to engage staff and build a sustainable data collection and reporting process. Easily integrate with any internal improvement methodology to enhance standardized data collection, accelerate results and bring a culture change. Learn custom techniques and gain access to content-driven knowledge via regular coaching calls and bench-marking reports.

Plan a Train the Trainer Session

Our suite of tools is designed to anticipate and address barriers months before standard reporting

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