Harness Employee Feedback During COVID-19 through the Power of "What Matters?"

A large multi-site hospital system engaged with goShadow to measure employee perception and feedback regarding the organizations response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A custom survey was designed and disseminated digitally to 12,000 employees to collect real-time feedback. The survey consisted of: demographic information, 3 scaled satisfaction questions, twelve open ended questions, and three multi-response questions.

More than 1,000 employees completed the survey, allowing organizational leaders to glean valuable insights and determine which practices to maintain and re-implement in a possible second wave of COVID-19. Employees responses fell into three major themes, resulting in identification of what went well in the organizations response: Support (76.1%), Communication (12.7%), and Safety (11.2%).

Employee responses categorized when asked, "What's gone well?" regarding the organizations COVID-19 response.

Further analysis identified major components of the three themes that most had an impact on satisfaction. Participants with high satisfaction relating to support mentioned transparency and communication from senior leadership often as well as resources available at the time (free food and parking, COVID advice page, and their direct team). Participants with higher satisfaction relating to communication mentioned frequency and vehicle, and those with lower satisfaction mentioned senior leadership less. Participants with higher satisfaction regarding safety mentioned online resources provided by the hospital, but those with lower mentioned confusion regarding access and availability of PPE and financial responsibility of the hospital to offer so many free resources to employees.

Further information gathered from employees after being asked, "What's gone well?".

When this information is collected regularly, as in on a monthly basis, then leaders can tackle pain points early and employees feel valued quickly. Incorporating WM into monthly operations gets to the root of what employees care about most, quickly.

This organization can use the information gathered from employees to understand which means of support, communication, and safety are most valued by employees and understand which are most beneficial to implement in case of a second wave of COVID-19.

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July 29, 2020