What is your data telling you?

After data is collected it can be transformed into action through analysis that identifies key themes. This step is critical in improvement initiatives as it creates the springboard for change - identifying what works well and what can be improved. Analysis and themes identify where synergies exist between the wants, needs, and preferences of patient, family, and staff which allows teams to prioritize change that can impact many areas at once.  

Mini-Case Story: Derby with the Docs

Patients attending the 2022 Bone and Joint Center Patient Reunion, Derby with the Docs, were asked two questions to help the care team identify themes and opportunities to improve:

  • What information do you wish you had known prior to surgery?
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to a patient prior to surgery?

Analysis revealed key themes that mattered to almost all patients: the importance of pre-surgical exercise (like pre-hab) and increased patient education. The care team was able to use patient feedback to bolster their surgical pathways to meet patient needs and deliver great outcomes.

Mini-Case Story: Improving a Retail Pharmacy

Chinle Comprehensive Healthcare Facility was experiencing high wait times in their outpatient pharmacy, resulting in dissatisfied patients who would often leave prior to picking up their medication. The goShadow team spent time training staff to shadow, as well as shadowing themselves, to identify root cause of delays and opportunities to improve processes through real-time data. 

Key themes are illustrated below and include bottlenecks in the pathway such as screening, checking, and calling on patients to be picked up. 

These pain points in the process were identified through time studies and when combined with qualitative observations illustrate key themes that are barriers to more ideal experiences for patients and staff. Once goShadow analyzed the real-time data, they were able to identify low-resource high-impact solutions that would address the largest opportunities present.

Analyzing data and identifying themes does not have to be complex or require large datasets. If you need help analyzing your data, reach out to info@goshadow.org

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November 4, 2022