Put Down the Pen… Employ Digital Surveys to Flip the Conversation and Do What Matters

For many organizations, pen and paper are still used to document observations and check-lists that are regularly employed to ensure patient safety and to improve patient and employee satisfaction. To make this data immediately actionable and easy to collect, goShadow developed a custom electronic data collection tool and reporting platform for our partners at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital.

“We would go through every month and ask the exact same questions over and over again. It would be dry, boring, and get off topic. There just wasn’t a whole lot to talk about. We would write all of the papers out and put them in a binder. I’d make a list [of employee names] in a notebook and work down that list. It was kinda messy. Now with the gS team it is a lot more organized and electronic. It’s easier to keep organized.”

How to Hear Employees’ Voices During (Un)certain Times

Every month, the goShadow and client team take 15 minutes to co-create a survey using a combination of scaled and open-ended questions that take no more than five to ten minutes for the end-user to complete.  Each month, there is a different theme (similar to a curriculum) to keep the questions fresh and feedback timely. Following their organizational guidelines and goShadow’s validated question library, standardized and open-ended questions are adapted to get to the root of unit-level pain points or to learn what’s going well.  

“I was looking for a way to dig a little deeper into what we were doing already with employee and patient rounding and the goShadow team has turned it around for us and made it actually meaningful.“

Reduce burnout and increase engagement during times when employees are needed most by addressing common “pebbles” in their shoes:

  • Leadership visibility
  • Cohesive communication from leaders and within teams
  • Feeling valued and having a voice within a team
  • Gratitude from patients
  • Employee safety and training

Discover what matters most now. Contact goShadow today to digitize an existing survey or select from our library of validated, action-oriented questions.

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June 30, 2020