Shadowing: Who, What, Where, When, Why Should I Care?

Shadowing is essential to understand the true experiences of patients and staff.

Shadowing is the real-time observation of people or things as they move through any experience or process. In real practice, it is simply the collection and aggregation of the details collected while observing experiences through the eyes of the people who live them, for instance, as an end-user or an employee.  At goShadow, we frequently tell people that shadowing is something they already do every day. The impressions you capture while ordering coffee, checking out at the grocery store or getting a checkup...those are shadowing observations. Have you ever thought “I know there is a better way to do this!”? 

Hey, you’re shadowing! 

Shadowing makes it possible to understand an experience from the inside out, providing valuable insights that are not immediately available by viewing something at face value. The aggregated data and resulting reports allow for benchmarking, process mapping and success metrics that can be easily shared across organizational silos.

 The 4 steps of shadowing can equip anyone with the ability to walk the walk and uncover opportunities for improvement, for staff engagement or cost management. Shadowing also helps to scale processes and spread the adoption of best practices. Read more about shadowing projects in action.

From understanding the reasons for less than ideal experience reviews to identifying low-cost areas for operational improvements, harness the power of shadowing as a catalyst for positive change.

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April 20, 2020