Top Patient Experience Dissatisfiers and How to Fix Them

Not surprisingly, patient waits and delays top the list of patient dissatisfiers according to the Journal of Hospital Medicine. While patient experience is now widely included in organizations’ quality metrics, it goes beyond just measuring satisfaction.  A patient’s feedback can also be used to predict their outcomes as well as trust in their provider and the care that they receive.

With patients’ health outcomes riding on their perceived experience and satisfaction, the domains that represent the greatest patient pain points--communication, environment, and waits--should be studied, analyzed, and corrected.  By following patients through their care experience and collecting the data related to wait times, an organization can work to eliminate wait times, smooth operational flow, and communicate with patients.

goShadow is the only patient shadowing tool to enable teams to gain a 360-degree view of any patient experience and to immediately deep dive into root causes of waiting time and its impact on patient experience.

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October 18, 2020