Post Pandemic Growth: How to Co-Produce the New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to tremendous loss of life globally and unprecedented stress and uncertainty. Quarantine, shelter-in-place, and stay-at-home orders were unfamiliar phrases before March 2020 but quickly became a part of our daily vocabulary. While millions were able to shelter in their homes, healthcare professionals had a different experience. They were tasked with managing  high loads of critically ill patients, exposure to a multitude of deaths, lack of personal protective equipment, and fear for themselves and loved ones. Healthcare shifted from saving lives to challenging decisions such as who to prioritize due to lack of ventilators. As we approach the light at the end of the tunnel it is essential to understand post-traumatic growth to move into a post-pandemic future. 

Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event such as natural disasters, accidents, abuse, and/or assault naturally produces psychological consequences. Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs when the ability to relive and recall the traumatic experience becomes involuntary. Alternatively, post-traumatic growth occurs when reliving the traumatic event is controlled by the individual, which prompts intentional reflection. The Covid-19 pandemic has the potential to be a catalyst to create lasting change and innovation to benefit both patients and health care workers. To develop this change we are required to abandon the mindset of returning to normal and instead co-create our own new normal. Post-traumatic growth forces individuals to reevaluate perspectives, values, priorities, and beliefs. 

goShadow’s unique toolkit can assist individuals and organizations to learn from the past to produce a better future. The 5 domains of post-traumatic growth are the development of deeper relationships, openness to new possibilities, a greater sense of personal strength, a stronger sense of spirituality, and a greater appreciation of life. Incorporating a few of these domains will assist individuals and organizations in practicing adaptive coping and achieving a higher level of function. goShadow’s reporting template, data analysis, Co-Design Champion Course, and What Matters To You tools will equip any organization with the necessary means to come together to learn from our collective pandemic experiences. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the entire world resulting in a shift in what matters most as an individual and organization. Post-pandemic growth has the potential to prepare organizations for any unforeseen event in the future through deliberate reflection and altering approaches to communication, delegation, and support. 

Post-pandemic growth depends on how organizations and individuals respond. The after-crisis review process is essential to post-pandemic growth through the evaluation of the quality and quantity of lessons learned. The steps to post-pandemic growth incorporate compassion, intention, and person-centered care. Organizations and individuals should assess the effects, and takeaways of the pandemic by engaging a dedicated, and honest team. Identifying role models within an organization demonstrates the resilience of individuals. Shifting the perspective in which the organization and individuals view the pandemic from only trauma to an opportunity to improve will allow creativity to blossom. Deliberately reevaluating the connection to humanity, values, and what matters most post-pandemic will spark growth that will bring a new purpose to the healthcare industry.

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June 11, 2021