Using the What Matters Tool to Improve Experiences and Outcomes

Patient voices are increasingly important in delivering ideal experiences and improved outcomes. Capturing this information at the point of care and having an almost immediate return of data is critically important to understanding the patients’ experience most accurately and make change accordingly. 

Web-based data tools (such as online surveys) have been used in clinical settings to collect real-time feedback from patients. Using multiple choice and Yes/No questions allows for data to be quickly turned around to management and make improvements based on patients desires and needs. 

Take this methodology one step further and consider how impactful patient stories can be in implementing change. Adding open ended questions to real-time feedback survey tools allows patients and families a space to feel heard. Use their words as a tool to co-create improved experiences for other patients, as well as your teams. Build empathy and glean a deeper understanding of others' lived experiences. By taking action quickly all stakeholders are reassured that you are listening and will be more willing to provide feedback in the future. 

Wondering where to get started? Use a few of goShadow’s baseline questions (for patients and employees) to jumpstart conversations around what is most important to patients and teams

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June 17, 2021